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Idled Ford plants can spell boom or bust
author: M.R. Kropko/ associated press
Publisher: Journal Gazette

Lorain, Ohio- He glances through the chain-link fence at hulking, dark buildings and weeds growing tall in pavement cracks. the chilling scene on a gray November day makes John Wargo sigh with sadness.

He remembers when the parking lots were packed-with workers’ cars and freshly assembled vehicles waiting to be sent from the Lorian Ford Assembly Plant to market.

“We were working double shifts and making 58 cars an hour. Thunderbirds and Cougars, “ Said Wargo, 70, a retied Ford Motor co. Worker who put in 40 years, mostly has a maintenance electrician. “I feel sorry for the younger generation, because they won’t see what really happened there.”

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All Types ® Expediting & Transportation Services

All Types ® Expediting is still adding cargo vans, straight trucks w/sleepers and tractors with trailers. Lead Recruiter (Stewart L. Nye) says that our drivers are normally working a consistent 5 1/2 day work week. It does happen, but rarely does a driver have to wait beyond that of normal down period / inbetween loads to get their next load. Our drivers are regularly moving freight on a very consistent basis. We're fortunate to have a very nicely sized customer base as well as several other resources. Being a privately owned family operated company, this makes all the difference. The owners of the company are attached at the hip with it's fleet and pays close attention to their financial well being.


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